Jenni Grover MS RD LDN

Jenni Grover is a dietitian, mother, and local food enthusiast.

Previously a Registered Dietitian with Orange County Health Department, Jenni attended Meredith College for graduate school and completed the dietetic internship there. She also holds certificates in child, adolescent and adult weight management.

She believes that nutrition is one of the best preventative medicines there is, and that everyone should have access to healthy, nutritious, whole foods from farms they can trust

Jenni specializes in nutrition for infants, children, and nursing and expecting mothers. She is fully aware that nutrition advice must be matched to lifestyle – and that this presents unique challenges for busy parents of young children.

Prior to attending graduate school, Jenni earned a BA in elementary education from Ball State.  She draws heavily on her education background when teaching classes on nutrition to both children and adults.

Jenni is also well versed in the topic of herbalism and alternative medicines, having apprenticed with renowned local herbalist Suki Roth, and served as a wellness specialist at Weaver Street Market for many years.

Jenni writes for Mother Nature Network and was a contributing writer to TLC’s Parentables, where she offers practical advice on all aspects of child and family nutrition. You can read her posts here.  She is an instructor for the Eat Smart, More More, Weigh Less program.

Jenni lives in Durham with her husband, Sami, and daughters Lilia and Adeline.

She loves kale. Cabbage, not so much.

Additional Certifications
CDR Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management
CDR Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management